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Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my blog! On this blog I’ll be writing about all things swimming and my life. I hope you’ll find it interesting/informative/relatable/funny and thought provoking! Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions in the comments section below. I would love your feedback and to learn what you want to know about me and Love2Swim School.

For my first blog I thought I’d give you a little bit of background on my history with swim teaching....

My passion for swimming started when I was a child living in Philip Island, Victoria. My parents enrolled me in nippers when I was seven years old and my love for the water has stayed with me ever since. My swim teaching career began in high school when I got a job as a swim teacher at Knox Leisure Centre in Melbourne. I loved that job and the people there, and I learnt so much about what it takes to teach people to swim and also the day-to-day running of an aquatic facility.

Once I finished school I travelled overseas and taught swimming in America and England. During my early twenties my career (and constant desire to see the world!) took me down a different path to working on cruise ships, but my passion for swim teaching never left me. After returning to Australia with my husband David, I re-kindled my love affair with the water and got back into swim teaching.

where it all began website
Where it all my backyard!

In 2010 I started a small boutique swim school – “Love2Swim School” in my backyard in Townsville. Within six months I could no longer keep up with the demand and I went in search of a facility to run my swim school from. David and I were fortunate enough to win the tender for Kirwan Aquatic Centre, and it is where we have been ever since.

David & Kristie

A couple of months ago we fulfilled a dream to open a second swim school in Townsville, at Allambie Lane Rasmussen. We are very proud of our second swim school – an indoor facility and we are relishing the chance to teach more people in Townsville how to swim!

transforming allambie lane
Renovations! Transforming Allambie Lane

I feel very lucky to do a “job” that I love and am passionate about! It is a very rewarding career and something I am continually learning more about.

Do you work in a field that you’re passionate about? What was the trigger that started your passion? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time,

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